In all cases, businesses were faced with having to communicate in urgent conditions and moreover with no insight on how long these imposed measures were going to last for. Leveraging insights from behavioural science and related fields, ABSOLUTYS offers employers innovative and successful means to communicate efficiently to their employees so that they remain productive while observing physical distancing. Further, as the crisis lingers on and teleworking becomes the “new normal”, ABSOLUTYS supports businesses in strengthening their remote working culture and provides healthcare expertise to help fight the wellbeing and mental health consequences of physical distancing.

1. Be clear and simple:

Communication should be audience-centric and as obvious as being clear and simple seems, the complexity of a message is often underestimated. To that effect, there are a number of readability tests available designed to assess the understandability of a text. The methods and the parameters considered vary (character count, syllable count, number of familiar words etc.) and ABSOLUTYS uses the most widely used measures of readability to maximize the impact of the message conveyed. ABSOLUTYS further supports businesses in translating multi-paragraph-written prose into sharp, impactful and structured messages that will guarantee readership (for written messages) and audience attention (for video or audio messages).

2. Be short and visible:

Nowadays more than ever before, people are accustomed to skim-reading. It is therefore essential that businesses draft short and sharp messages in order to maximize the chances of them being read. Writing concisely is one skill, drafting short life-changing messages successfully requires technique. Using fewer words is only one of tools used to increase visibility. Others include focusing on the size, font and colour of the text. Tapping into behavioural science insights, ABSOLUTYS supports employers convey urgent messages to their employers such that they will be received as intended.

3. Strengthen your remote working culture:

When lockdown was implemented globally, those employees who were able to telework were supported by a number of technological tools. But lockdown-long-term teleworking is a completely different challenge to standard teleworking when children are at school and one’s home doesn’t psychologically feel like a golden prison. To what extent had companies produced teleworking guidelines to support their workforce? Re-creating new routines, setting boundaries for oneself, regarding working hours, and for others, concerning one’s online availability, are only a few of the issues that employees are facing on a daily basis. Whilst the lifting of the lockdown is the current trend worldwide, future lockdowns are to be expected and remote working will most likely become the “new normal”. ABSOLUTYS provides businesses with a turnkey solution to support employers transition into a new labour paradigm. Experts in behavioural science, public health and crisis management will tailor a personalized approach for your company to support your management in the implementation of guidelines and recommendations from conception to execution.

4. Connect with and to your co-workers:

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in its nature as the health and sanitary impacts are compounded by the economic, societal, psychoemotional consequences. To what extent are these uncertain times affecting the mental health and physical well-being of your workforce? Surveys show that there are a plethora of different lockdowns depending on the type and size of homes people are in and whether they are alone or not. Whilst being accompanied during the lockdown has its challenges, being alone for months negatively impacts the human brain. What are the differences between physical and virtual interactions and how can employers help offset solitude? How will this lengthy period of lockdown impact your employees? ABSOLUTYS can help you now to deal and navigate these uncertain times by providing the healthcare capacities from burnout prevention, mental health support and telemedicine.

Fighting COVID-19 starts with informing people about health. ABSOLUTYS is the healthcare platform that brings experts, technologies and solutions in one place. ABSOLUTYS helps businesses develop the right communication with skill and strategy and importantly using the insights of behavioural science to ensure that the message is conveyed appropriately, understood and implemented. As remote working is likely to become the “new normal”, ABSOLUTYS supports companies in making organizational systems, cultures, and behaviours agile and inclusive. Leveraging multi-disciplinary expertise, ABSOLUTYS equips businesses with the latest scientific insights operationalized into effective strategy.

Dr. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio & Dr. Raphaela Kitson-Pantano