The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and caused a historical and unprecedented crisis. Not only did governments worldwide not take seriously, sufficiently quickly, the spread of the virus that originated in China but more importantly this sanitary situation revealed that they were totally unprepared to face such a challenge. “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail” has never been so relevant.

Whilst countries globally are presently considering anti-lockdown measures with a lot of uncertainty, what is a given is that this COVID-19 crisis is the first of several pandemics that will impact the world in our lifetime. Indeed, not only do scientists believe that our globalized 21st century society is the prime facilitator for the spread of viral diseases through intense international travelling, overpopulated cities and poor health and wellbeing routines but further, the soon-to-be lifting of the lockdown does not mean that the coronavirus has been eradicated. At the turn of the 20th century, the Spanish flu was not only the greatest deadly pandemic until now, it hit in three consecutive waves (Spring, Summer and Autumn 1918). If the COVID-19 crisis follows this pattern, the current lockdown could be one of several, staggered with lockdown lifts from time to time. So whether a new or a recurrent one, pandemics will be part of our future.

How will this impact your business? How prepared are you to face the next pandemic or the next wave of the current one? What can you do to minimise profit loss and maximise workforce retention? Are you prepared to transition into a new labour paradigm?

Enable your company to return to activities with an early strategy consulting, healthcare services and customizable technologies: Absolutys is providing a turnkey solution to support employers during the Coronavirus pandemic and post-COVID-19. Our experts in behavioral science, public health and crisis management will tailor a personalized approach for your company. We provide the essential strategy to implement a preparedness plan for your company. Our digital platform allows customizable solutions for your employees from symptoms checker to digitally-secured immunity reports. We can help you now to deal and navigate these uncertain times and support you with your workforce to re-enter a world that will be very different to the one we left when going into lockdown.

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