The COVID-19 crisis has seen one third of the human population under some form of lockdown at the end of March 2020, according to the Agency France-Presse. This historical and unprecedented pandemic, that took the world by surprise, is now the source of economic and political headaches as governments worldwide are presently considering anti-lockdown measures. It is believed that the re-opening of society will not immediately be 100% and that the lift will be phased progressively.

Whilst our technological tools have supported teleworking for the majority of the workforce and home-schooling, this lengthy period of confinement, will have impacted the way you run your business now and tomorrow. Most importantly the world we will re-enter will be very different to the one we left when going into lockdown and this will impact how you re-open your business and how successful you will be in doing so.

What are the essential steps to successfully re-opening your activity? How will the governmental rules and regulations post-lockdown impact your business? How will this impact your employees? How prepared are you to implementing measures to protect your workforce and secure your workplace? Are you prepared to transition into a new labour paradigm?

Enable your company to return to activities with an early strategy consulting, healthcare services and customizable technologies: Absolutys is providing a turnkey solution to support employers during the Coronavirus pandemic and post-COVID-19. Our experts in behavioral science, public health and crisis management will tailor a personalized approach for your company. Reopening your business means implementing measures to protect your workforce, secure your workplace and monitor outcomes. We will collaborate closely with your management team to define a response strategy in less than a week. Our team of experts will support your management in the implementation of guidelines and recommendations from conception to execution. We can help you now to deal and navigate these uncertain times and support you with your workforce to re-enter a world that will be very different to the one we left when going into lockdown...

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