The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a historical crisis, it is unprecedented in its nature. Indeed, the health and sanitary impacts are compounded by the economic, societal, psycho-emotional consequences. Our globalized 21st century society has facilitated the spread of the disease through intense international travelling, overpopulated cities and poor health and well being routines, but it has also enabled the response and survival of many.

Our technological tools have supported teleworking for the majority of the workforce and home-schooling. But this lengthy period of confinement, the shortest being in Austria (one-month lockdown), will have impacted your employees and their return to the workspace will be very different to that of a return following a traditional long term sick leave. Commuting to work, concentrating in a noisy environment, being close to people again will take time especially when the world we will re-enter will be very different to the one we left when going into lockdown.

The re-opening of society will not immediately be 100%. Every country that is presently considering anti-lockdown measures is thinking of phasing the lift progressively. How will this impact your business? How will this impact your employees? And how will you support the health and well-being of your employees as we transition into a new labour paradigm?

Enable your company to return to activities with an early strategy consulting, healthcare services and customizable technologies: Absolutys is providing a turnkey solution to support employers during the Coronavirus pandemic and post-COVID-19. Our experts in behavioural science, public health and crisis management will tailor a personalized approach for your company. We provide the healthcare delivery capacities from testing, mental health support and telemedicine benefits. Our digital platform allows customizable solutions for your employees from symptoms checker to burnout prevention. We can help you now to deal and navigate these uncertain times and support you with your workforce to re-enter a world that will be very different to the one we left when going into lockdown.

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